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Mara Turing. Rise of the Hackers

Javi Padilla

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Mara Turing receives a mysterious message right before leaving for her summer vacations: “I need your help.” This cry for help comes from her uncle, a member of the famous group of hackers known as the “Dirtee Loopers”. He had disappeared without a trace five years ago, leaving a blank space in Mara’s life, which had a great impact on her childhood. Mara and her friends embark on an adventure to find her uncle, Arnold Turing, that leads them to learn how to program in a garage in Queens (New York), see the world through more critical eyes and face the evil duo: Hermes, an extremely advanced artificial intelligence, and Falko McKinnon, the most dangerous hacker in the world.

Número de páginas 304
ISBN 9788417941475
Tamaño 152x228 cm