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Daniel Pinilla

Daniel Pinilla

Sobre el autor

Daniel Pinilla Gómez (Seville, 1974) is not an ordinary biographer. After two decades of experience as a soccer journalist, during which he has had fun-fought-fixed with Monchi and reported on him as a goalkeeper, team delegate, sports director, and even as a chirigotero, he has decided to take a step forward and propose to the Cadiz native to put together a book that will serve as a legacy of his successful career as a cornerstone of Sevilla FC that has accumulated titles and accolades at international level over the last two decades. The result is now in your hands. With this work, Pinilla is once again dressed as a chronicler, a profession that, beyond the current situation, stands as a vital attitude.

The Monchi method

Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo (San Fernando, September 20, 1968), better known as Monchi, has become an icon of international stature. A self-taught sports director, pushed into the position as an emergency solution at a time when Sevilla FC"s vault was full of unpaid debts and little else, Monchi has achieved the unthinkable with a club that had never stood out on a planetary scale until his arrival. This book, somewhere between an academic manual of a successful business model and a compendium of anecdotes related to transfers and the tempestuous world of professional soccer, aims to show the ins and outs of a profession that moves hundreds of millions of euros every year and that is capable, if done wisely, of raising or burying passions in the stands. When this book comes out, Monchi is currently presidentof football operations at Premier League club Aston Villa. Monchi Is the King of The Market. La Gazzetta dello Sport. The Magician of Transfers. The Guardian. The King Midas of Professional Soccer. International Business Times. Without A Doubt, the Architect of the Great Sevilla. Marca.

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